Arising out of practically nowhere and sending Australian music bloggers into a frenzy, is D.D Dumbo. This unique name is given to an even more unique man, Oliver Hugh Perry. Originating from Castlemaine, Victoria, Perry’s music is a combination of experimental blues and folk rhythms. He has been labeled as Castlemaine’s next big thang and he’s definitely one to look out for!

d.d dumbo

Being a part of the Australian music scene for over a year now, Perry has made some serious waves with his single Tropical Oceans– the first single taken from his 2013 self-titled EP. The EP features five distinctive tracks, four of which were written and recorded by Perry. The fifth, Crying is Perry’s version of Roy Orbison’s momentous ballad.

The fact that D.D Dumbo is a solo act makes the instrumental process all the more impressive. You can hear the distant sound of the twelve-string guitar and the unique sounding loop pedals throughout each track. Tropical Oceans is a striking song about – as Perry himself phrases it – warm magical tropical oceans. As he talks about ‘perpetual motion’, listeners can gain a strong image of the ocean and its movement. The unique instruments and his distinctive vocals compliment each other, adding to the full-on tranquility.

Apart from the blues rhythm and folk melodies, Perry explores some other unique sounds throughout his music. Haunting melodies accompany the marching tempo that can be heard in the background of Tropical Oceans. Perry draws on influences of Indian devotional music filled with precise ornamentation of the melody. The industrial percussion backing Perry’s vocals allows the tunes to get stuck in your head for all the right reasons.

Listening to D.D Dumbo is kinda like the ultimate cure to relieve a stressful day or shitty mood. It is truly easy listening, like, it’s as smooth as butter on the ears.

D.D Dumbo will be playing Sydney’s ‘Secret Garden Festival’ on February 28!