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Cloe Terare unveils new live and acoustic single ‘Easy’

We’ve been fans of Cloe Terare for a while now. Back in June, with the release of her single Take Me Home, the Brisbane artist immediately had us under her electro-pop spell. Terare’s voice holds an undeniable power; brimming with emotional resonance and an irresistibly sultry tone.

However now, with the release of her new single Easy (taken from an acoustic live session), Terare showcases a different, more tender side of her sound. We’ve had this spinning on repeat ever since we first laid ears on it.

Brisbane-based artist Cloe Terare has returned with Easy; a live and acoustic number that showcases her incredible versatility.

The new live video is raw and transfixing. It features Cloe Terare and Dorah Jacson, armed with nothing but a microphone and an acoustic guitar. Together they weave a flawless piece of folky pop, highlighting the incredible diversity in Terare’s sound.

“We wrote it on the side of a big lake in the most beautiful rain forest area so whenever I sing it I picture myself there,” she says of the newt rack. “It’s been produced a few times a few different ways but we decided it really sounds it’s most genuine and organic as the acoustic it was originally written as; so that’s how we are releasing it.”

Wrap your ears around the new single above.


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January 10, 2020