CoastBusters aren’t afraid to cross the streams on Takeover

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If there’s a party in your neighbourhood, who you gonna play? CoastBusters. If it sounds weird and don’t look fun, who you gonna play? CoastBusters. I ain’t afraid of no good tunes.*

The self-managed Melbourne four-piece CoastBusters was brought to life after guitarist Fabian Hunter dabbled in writing his own music. “I decided it had to be done in a live setting because the songs needed to be energised in a way that could only be done with a full live band”, explained Hunter. With dreams in mind, a complete line up comprising of Alex Bleakley on bass, Nathaniel Riley on drums, Zoe Fox on organ and Fabian Hunter on guitar was created.

CoastBusters Takeover

Just as jolly as the marshmallow man, and with plenty of his attitude as well, CoastBusters have one hell of a debut single on their hands with Takeover.

The group is sure to become the envy of the Melbourne music scene after the release of their first single Takeover. If there was ever a need for a double release this was it, when Hunter explained, “I had been sitting on the recording for a few months, then my friend and band mate Rhea Caldwell (Baby Blue) had the idea of doing a double single release with CoastBusters and Baby Blue.”

Takeover is a garage surf rock tune that has funk, flare and exceeds any surf rock vibe you may have experienced. It’s a fast, high-energy tune with radiating guitar riffs and strong vocals. The vocals are elongated and echo throughout the song accompanied by foggy lyrics. They are anti-climatic in the sense that they remain at a steady pace, rather than fighting to over power the music.

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They flow tightly and mix in nicely, creating a chilled out, surf atmosphere within a rock and roll tune. Along the accompaniment of low volume, high-pitched backing vocals, an attention grabbing and multi-layer song has been recorded for us to shuffle on the dance floor to.

The song plays on the fluctuation in energy by the instruments and tone changes in the vocals, creating a jagged, intricate sound that jolts your attention to every music change. This song guarantees almost four minutes of constant enjoyment with no room for yawns or boredom. However, no matter how down pat the sound is, there is always room for change. “For this first single it was just me in the studio so the others kind of had to roll with what I had. With the album that we are currently recording everyone is playing so things are going to be totally different”, Hunter said. So keep a listen out as the band’s sound may be subject to change, but they are off to a great start.

*Ed. Points for the concept, despite lack of rhyme scheme.