Coldplay release early version of their ‘Yellow’ music video

It can be very easy to hate Coldplay nowadays. However, back when they first appeared in the industry, they wrote some of the most tuneful and downright sappy music ever put to tape. It was brilliant.

Twenty years on from their debut album, and possibly their masterpiece, Parachutes, the band are looking back on those early days.

20 years after the release of their album Parachutes, Coldplay are looking back with a clip of the first take for the Yellow music video.

In a recent post to TikTok, the band have released an early version of the music video for Yellow. The now-classic music video featured lead singer Chris Martin walking down a rather gloomy and miserable beach in England during a torrential downpour. The newly discovered footage has a less drenched Martin in a red sweater gallivanting down the same beach.

The band have also added a number of facts to the video, explaining, “Take 1 of the Yellow video (we’ve never shown this before). There were loads of extras in this version. But it rained all day so we sent them home at 4pm. Chris grabbed the cameraman and said ‘let’s just walk down the beach’.” The video ends with, “Worked out well in the end!” Sure did!

Check out the first take right here and the original music video below.