PREMIERE: Watch the Colour Bomb video for My Resting Place

Let’s take bit of Grizzly Bear and Halcyon Drive, add a hint of various rock icons like David Bowie, Billy Joel and even a pinch of Tears for Fears. Coupled with some Peter Garret inspired dancing and you’ve got yourself quite a band. A big claim but Melbourne’s Colour Bomb have proven themselves to be quite deserving of such praise, and they continue with their video for My Resting Place.

Colour Bomb

Colour Bomb become greater than the sum of their influences with the premiere of their video for My Resting Place, a harrowing journey of vulnerability.

Colour Bomb are an indie pop outfit from Melbourne, but that label doesn’t do the band justice. Unless you consider indie pop as indicative of catchy songs that mash together several influences set to a pretty melody. But semantics aren’t why we’re here so let’s get on with it. At the core of Colour Bomb are two young fellas who go by the names of Jimmy Saunders and Tom Whitty. This duo have been playing together for a few years on various projects eventually formed Colour Bomb in 2012. Their familiarity with each other comes through in the music, despite being a young band there is a level of maturity that you can’t achieve unless you know how your band mates work.

The band boast a sound that goes well beyond the cliches of indie pop. Listening to My Resting Place you’ll notice plenty of grit as well as some surprising elements of swirling synths and an overall well considered production. It’s a killer combination of sounds that are evened out well, thankfully refraining from becoming a jumbled mess. My Resting Place is a rousing song that urges you to dance and rock out, despite the lyrical nature being more darkly ambiguous. Says axe-man Whitty on the track “My Resting Place is one of he darker songs we’ve written. It’s basically about someone being exposed or at least feeling vulnerable, and self-destructing. Destroying everything they love. Burning out instead of fading away“.

The dual nature of the song is well represented in the video clip which was directed by Whitty. It features the band’s extended touring members Jem Savage, Ed Fairlie, and Josh Barber, each clad in black and shot performing the song in darkness. Saunders remains cloaked in the shadows until he comes under lights in the first chorus, the concepts of being exposed within the song becoming realised here. There’s a primal element in the clip, especially once those grittier guitar riffs kick in. It’s a simple video but one that works to effectively manifest the song visually.

If you’re liking what you’re seeing Colour Bomb are playing a single launch party for My Resting Place May 8 at the Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy. You can scoop up your tickets here!