Missing a little dark alternative pop in your life? Let Whisperer offer his full disclosure

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Whisperer is the debut, self titled EP from Gold Coast based singer-songwriter and producer Connor Grant. The record showcases four tracks written by Grant, known also as Whisperer, over a six-month period after leaving his previous band of five years, Prepared Like A Bride. Whilst battling feelings of sadness over the departure, Grant soared through his writing process with a new-found sense of freedom, creative liberty and unrestrained excitement.

whisperer debut

Another artist to strike out on his own, Connor Grant has emerged with his self titled EP Whisperer, a dark addition to Australia’s indie pop landscape.

In exploring his new creative outlet, Grant has recorded an EP that covers ground ranging from indie folk to pop punk, although to pigeonhole the sound would be unnecessary. With melodies and vocal harmonies that could be compared to early The Getaway Plan and City and Colour’s epic debut Sometimes, Grant’s songs are powerful, sharp and beautifully dark. Joining the likes of Brisbane’s shining star Machine Age, Cairns’ beauty Emma Louise and Sydney sensation Bec Sandridge, Whisperer has added an entirely new layer to the budding force of young alternative-pop artists in Australia.

Each song on this incredibly dynamic and glistening EP is soaked with deep emotion and some of the most truly captivating vocal harmonies I’ve come across in recent times. With a solid foundation of pop sensibilities, the songs are layered with tones of electronic and folk to create a perfectly rounded sound that will draw you in for all four tracks, and if your first listen is anything like mine, you will replay the EP until you’re subliminally singing along to every single word. I should warn you that you will probably come out on the other side feeling a little darker than you did before, but the music in the melodies will save your torn up soul and leave you feeling inspired.

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Confide sets the mood with an introduction of  dominant drums, striking electric guitar and lyrics of pain and heartache portrayed by a beautiful falsetto vocal.  The opening track flows perfectly into Embers leading the way to a more electro vibe with a display of experimental sounds, proving that Grant is a musicians artist.  Continuing with stunningly haunting lyrics and a mood to match, 1709 will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, but before you get too deep closer Currents, will lift you slightly with more falsetto, bright musical tones and powerful drums.

Grant created his demo tracks using nothing but a guitar pedal as a makeshift interface and a trusty Sure SM58, a showcase of his true and raw musical talent. The result is an EP that has been sewn together with a sincerity that shines through every lyric, every note and every brilliantly crafted harmony.

Remember the sensation Brisbane artist D At Sea caused when he began to reach hundreds of thousands with his exquisite acoustic covers of hardcore songs? I’m getting that buzz, and I’m calling it now – Whisperer is a new sensation. If you’ve heard of Prepared Like A Bride, put everything you think you know about Grant aside, because this is a completely new side to an artist about to take on Australian music and show the world exactly what we Aussies have to offer.

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