The scrotum nap sack is here. Why?

Forget your trendy tote bags kids, the must have in baggage is the Scrote’n’Tote. That’s right, there’s a scrotum shaped backpack and you could be wearing a pair on your back come school time.


The innovative sack is the brainchild of Canadian law student Daniel Bitton, who has launched an Indiegogo campaign to make the Scrote’n’Tote a real commodity. So far the campaign has received $5 600 in pledges, with the goal being $33 000. Upon reaching the goal, Bitton will sell the bags for $120 Canadian dollars (that’s $127 Dollarydoos). A $10 donation will mean you can get the bag for $73.

Speaking of his dream Bitton says “The aim of this campaign is to solve one of humanity’s most urgent and pressing problems: the complete lack of fully functional, realistic human scrotum apparel available in the world today. The aim of this campaign is to produce sturdy, functional, durable, high quality and of course stylish Scrote’n’Tote backpacks to be made available to aesthetes  all over the world.”

Still need more convincing? As Bitton says “God made this satchel to carry the world’s most precious cargo, the human race. Why would trust your valubles to any lesser brand of scrotum nap sack?”