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Cop vintage echoes and pristine delays with Comeback Kid from BABY Audio

BABY Audio have released Comeback Kid, a custom delay plugin for Mac and PC. Comeback Kid lets you design and shape custom delay effects with 14 unique controls to create your sound.

Comeback Kid’s tactile interface was developed to function like hardware, so everything you need is available on one screen. Designed to be easy to use, the plugin is a flexible and fast option for creating custom delays.Comeback Kid

BABY Audio’s Comeback Kid is a custom delay plugin, with enough controls to give you everything from old-school analog to clean digital delays.

Comeback Kid’s delay engine can be used to create old school analog effects, alongside cleaner digital delays. Controls over Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut analog modelled filters shape the sound alongside Attack and Sustain controls. The Tape control introduces an analog tape saturation to the sound, the Swirl control is modelled after analog phasing effects, and the Sauce control is a reverb added after the delay. There is also a Cheap switch, which degrades the delay with a custom 11-bit signal path.

The Wider control adds a stereo element to the delay, while the Richer control introduced pitch variations. There is also a Pan control, and a Mono switch. There are also controls for the Dry and Wet outputs, as well as a Ducker to lower the wet signal while the dry signal is still playing. The Destiny switch introduces a random element to the mix, for a more organic delay sound.

Lastly, the delay itself offers three BPM-synced modes, straight, dotted, and triplet, as well as a free mode with delay times from 0.01ms to 2500ms. There is also a Ping-Pong option, and a Feedback control to define the number of delays.

Comeback Kid also offers 61 presets created by some of the industry’s top producers. Comeback Kid is compatible with most major DAWs and is available now for a discounted introductory price of $29USD (normally at $49USD).

For more information, head to BABY Audio.