DJ Swivel's The Sauce is a multi-effects plugin for spicing up your vocals
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DJ Swivel’s The Sauce is a multi-effects plugin for spicing up your vocals

Audio engineer and producer DJ Swivel, famous for his work with Beyoncé, among others, has released a multi-effects plugin called The Sauce.

Branded as a “vocal seasoner”, the various effects on The Sauce are designed for vocal production but can be used on a variety of signals as well. The appeal of The Sauce comes from the diversity of processors available in one place. It features seven sections in the full chain, bringing together effects that would ordinarily be implemented as separate plugins.DJ Swivel the Sauce

DJ Swivel The Sauce is a multi-effects plugin with a fresh set of ingredients for getting the most out of your vocal tracks.

Curiously, the effects avoid traditional labels, instead opting for a series of culinary-themed terms. The effects are labelled Flavor, Sugar, Spice, Squeeze, Smoke, Drip, and Spread. Under the hood, though, they perform a series of familiar functions.

Flavor is a pitch and formant shifter, with a mix control and ability to link the two controls. Spice is two distortion algorithms, labelled Mild and Hot, referring to a harmonic saturator and an overdrive distortion respectively. The Sugar control offers a chorus effect labelled Sweet, and a flange effect labelled Sour.

The Squeeze setting has two parallel compressors with different degrees of aggressiveness. The Smoke effect offers three different levels of convolution reverb – small room, medium plate, and large hall, with control over the mix of the reverb. Drip is an analog modelled delay with built-in high and low pass filters and a ping pong option. Lastly, the Spread option can be used to enhance stereo width.

The Sauce also allows effects to be applied to three multiband layers, meaning different frequency ranges can be processed independently. The plugin also offers an overall mixer and high and low pass output filters.

DJ Swivel The Sauce is now available from the producer’s website for $149USD. For more information, visit DJ Swivel.