Embrace the nostalgia: Goodhertz Lossy

Embrace the quirks of digital imperfections, harness the power of creative controls, and let your imagination run wild

In the world of audio manipulation, the LOSSY plugin stands out as a tool that brings the lo-fi charm of vintage digital playback devices to your fingertips. Whether you’re a musician, producer, or sound designer, LOSSY offers a wide range of creative options for your audio projects.

LOSSY’s reverb, inspired by 1980s algorithms, provides unique character and flexibility. You can position the Verb before or after the Loss and Filter stages, allowing for nuanced spatial control. The Filter section includes Normal and Inverted modes, affecting frequency shaping within your audio signal. Fine-tune the Low Cut and High Cut frequencies along with the Filter Slope to sculpt your sound precisely.

LOSSY’s Loss modes are where the magic happens. Choose from Standard, Inverse, Phase Jitter, Packet Repeat, Packet Loss, Standard + Packet Loss, and Standard + Packet Repeat modes to introduce various levels of lossy data compression. Customise parameters such as Loss Amount, Loss Speed, and Loss Gain to dial in the perfect amount of digital imperfections for your desired sound aesthetic.

The Master Mix control lets you blend the processed LOSSY signal with your dry signal, offering full control over the overall mix. The Master On/Off switch provides instant bypass of LOSSY’s processing. Advanced controls such as Verb Decay, Auto Gain, Gate Threshold, Stereo Mode, and Weighting options enhance flexibility for detailed audio projects. Experimentation is key with LOSSY. By tweaking various controls and exploring different combinations of Loss modes, filters, and reverb settings, you can create a vast range of sonic textures. From gritty lo-fi textures to glitchy effects and ethereal soundscapes, LOSSY allows you to push the boundaries of creativity.

Whether producing electronic music, creating soundscapes for film, or adding unique effects to guitar tracks, LOSSY’s versatility is unmatched. It evokes nostalgia while delivering modern sound design possibilities, making it valuable across various musical genres and production contexts.

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