PREMIERE: Corduroy Spaceship releases the break-up psych-bop of your dreams

On his latest single, Corduroy Spaceship unveils a Fantasia of sound, honouring the wave party that is modern psychedelia.

If you haven’t yet heard of Corduroy Spaceship, it’s about to become that ephemeral brain-bait phrase you see everywhere. In name and in sound, Corduroy Spaceship is a galactic ride of spacious reverb and texture. The latest single, I Don’t Cry is a hot pot of oscillating vocals and that familiar echo of modern Aussie psychedelia. If you’re a fan of psych-legends Pond and Methyl Ethel, you won’t struggle to fall in love with this project.

A love-child of Torsten Gustavsson since 2018, the space odyssey began after a green corduroy shirt was gifted to him by a friend and fellow artist. This exchange marked a moment of creativity resulting in the DIY undergoing of a new kind. A keen producer,  Gustavsson has moulded an iconic breakup track at the mise en scéne of most heartbreaks: the bedroom.

Corduroy Spaceship

Intrinsically known to soundtrack the good times, Corduroy steps away from the festival nostalgia of psych-rock sensibilities and into a more forlorn narrative. Where bright cymbals and slinky riffs set an ambience of optimism, the darker story of I Don’t Cry is told in Gustavsson’s voice. Airy and full of yearning, he speaks to the ambivalent residual feelings at the end of a relationship:

“‘I Don’t Cry’, in its essence, is about the lack of tears I experienced during a break up talk. I had cried so much during the relationship, it was as if I had no tears left by the time we officially ended it. The lyrics describe some of the complexities that existed between the two of us and how they eventually led to our demise.”


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This underbelly of meaning is given a spoken word epilogue towards the end of the three-and-a-half-minute track. Fuzzy, retro connotations kneed some poetic humour into the melancholy of the message. Meanwhile, playful bass and quickening drum machines inject all the flavour of an addictive hit. Gustavsson presents himself as a well oiled production machine.

Corduroy Spaceship’s debut EP Corduroy Spaceship & The Custard Gumboot was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in the bedroom. This DIY approach was maintained for I Don’t Cry in Melbourne, with a final master at Little Wing Sound, in Sydney.

Officially released this Friday, you can pre-save I Don’t Cry on all the usual platforms here.

Until then, you can enjoy the full track here first: