Unborn baby drops haunting new album from inside the womb

Welcome to 2021: The sun is shining, the Covid vaccine’s on its way, and fetuses are dropping mixtapes from the womb.

Just in case you were getting heaps stressed that someone’s unborn child was conscious enough to create music, never fear. Psychic Ills bassist Elizabeth Hart and Lee “Scratch” Perry collaborator Iván Diaz Mathé had the genius idea to create an album with their soon-to-be child’s in-utero movements.

The couple used biosonic MIDI technology to translate the baby’s motions into sick beats. You can pre-order the record and coloured vinyl today.

unborn baby album

According to reports, a MIDI was rigged up to Hart’s baby bump and the bub’s movements were transcribed through Mathé’s synthesizers. Although the end resulted was edited and mixed, the parents tried to respect their baby’s artistic sovereignty by keeping the audio as raw as possible.

The recording sessions with le Bebe (soon-to-be-named Luca Yupanqui) apparently took place over five hour-long sessions. Of course, Twitter imploded upon hearing the news and the memes are there to prove it.

The full album, Sounds of the Unbornis set to drop April 2nd via Sacred Bones. Make sure to pre-order and catch a glimpse of the record’s haunting lead single, V4.3 pt. 2, asap.

Check out V4.3 pt. 2 below: