Coumarin reveal the 10 songs that helped them through quarantine

Lockdown has been an advent for songwriters, Coumarin know all too well. Fresh off the release of their latest single, we caught up with the band to chat through the top songs that got them through COVID.

Coumarin know how to write a seriously moreish track. Laced in agony and nuance, the German trio’s synth-heavy melodies speak multitudes, providing the perfect balance of introspection and sensitivity.

Their latest single Dreams is defining proof. Scoring their experiences in isolation with detailed lines of pop, the group cast their sonic into a realm of endless poetic possibilities. Fresh off the release, we caught up with the Coumarin boys to break down some of the tracks that helped them through lockdown.

coumarin quarantine songs

When we started the recording process for our new single Dreams, COVID-19 hit and we, as everyone else, were faced with more than two months of distancing measures and partial quarantine. We decided to go forward with the production anyway and recorded our new track while separated from each other. Like everyone else, these times weren’t easy on us and we wanted to share 10 songs that helped us to get through it.

This playlist also showcases the diverse music taste in our band and a small taste of the genres we draw inspiration from.

The War On Drugs – Strangest Thing

ANDRÉ: A song that pulls me into its realm every time I listen to it and makes me forget everything around me: an aspect that made it especially important to me during the past few months.

John Frusciante – The Past Recedes

PASCAL: One of my all-time favourites. This song takes me back to the time when I started to develop a passion for music production. I’m surprised that I can still listen to this song on repeat but, for some reason, it just translates to every situation imaginable and takes me to that special place.

The Contortionist – Early Grave

MAKSIM: The perfect song for me to keep my head up in hard times.

The Killers – Fire In Bone

ANDRÉ: My favourite band returned last week with a brand new album, which is glorious. This track has such a strong vibe that takes me right out of any bad mood I might be in. Like the rest of the album, its vastness and strength are nothing short of inspiring and, when it came out in the early summer, it was like a light of hope, knowing that I have the album’s release to look forward to in the future.

Misery Signals – Sunlifter

MAKSIM: Misery Signals is my favourite band and one of my greatest inspirations. Check out the new album Ultraviolet!

Warpaint – Biggy

ANDRÉ: I remember this being released in 2014 and making a very strong impression on me. The feeling it sends hasn’t changed in the years since and, like the rest of their self titled album, was it has been playing constantly during the past few months.

Perfume Genius – Leave

ANDRÉ: The album that this song is featured on came out right around the time the virus hit. Of the entire record, this song always stood out to me to be something really exceptional and special. The mood and atmosphere are insane and really can take you to another place.

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint

PASCAL: During self-isolation, I’ve listened to Electric Counterpoint at least once a day. It’s one of my favourite compositions to date. I just love the minimalistic and rhythmic interactions and the way that I can let my mind wander whenever I listen to this tune… it’s very inspiring. Sometimes, I enjoy listening to Röyksopp’s interpretation but, for some reason, I have a soft spot for the original version featuring Pat Matheny on guitar. Maybe because it was recorded the year I was born?

Sleep Token – Jaws

MAKSIM: I just like the whole package of this band; grooves, cool vocals, and the atmosphere.

Volcano Choir – Alaskans

ANDRÉ: Finally, one that I listened to multiple times a day for at least two months. It has such a magical vibe and just encapsulates nature in one song for me. The desire to get out there as well the feeling to be in it, a source of hope in difficult times and pure magic.

You can find Dreams here. Have a listen to the full playlist, courtesy of Coumarin, below: