Courtney Love denies any connection to Jeffrey Epstein

Hole frontwoman Courtney Love has responded after the address book of the disgraced Jeffrey Epstein was revealed to contain her name. 

Epstein’s address book contained a number of names, including personal details of Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes, and Mick Jagger.

Courtney Love, Flea, Acid for the Children
Image by: Gabriel / Olsen Getty Images

Courtney Love said she hopes Jeffrey Epstein burns in hell after she discovered her contact information was in his address book. 

Epstein was arrested last year on several sexual assaults and underage sex trafficking charges. He was linked to a wide assortment of celebrities and other high-profile figures, including Clinton, Trump, and Prince Andrew. In August 2019, Epstein died of suicide in his Manhattan gaol cell while awaiting trial. More recently, Epstein’s partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, was also arrested for her involvement

The address book, known infamously as Epstein’s ‘black book’, surfaced in 2015 court proceedings after Epstein’s former house manager attempted to sell it in 2009. While many of the names cited in the book are known affiliates of Epstein, Courtney Love claimed she had never met with Epstein. She then went on to say she hopes Epstein burns in Avīci Hell – the lowest level of hell in Buddhist thought. 

However, previously, Love alleged that Prince Andrew once tried to seduce her after being introduced by Jeffrey Epstein.