Create chords on the spot with this simple online Chord Generator

Create chords on the spot with this simple online Chord Generator

Chord Generator, from online blog Peter Murphy, is an application that allows you to easily look up the chords on your favourite musical scales.

Not only can you read what the chords are, but you can also hear them just by clicking on their respective cells to create some organised grooves.

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Photo: Dani Hansen

The online Chord Generator is an application for identifying all the possible chords in a selected scale, serving up a tonne of classic tones. And saving you a shitload of time.

It’s a perfect tool for songwriting, or trying to smash through some writer’s block. Need to resolve that pesky progression in F# Ionian? Hit that shit with an E# diminished 5th and an added 9th! Why didn’t you think of that before, dude?

There are two main sets of controls for the online Chord Generator. The top main set is labelled ‘Choose a scale to find the chords it contains’, which allows the user to select a scale for analysis.

  • Key – This sets the main note for the scale. Users can choose from C, C♯, D♭ and all up to B.
  • Scale – This sets the scale under study. There is a wide list to choose from such as Major, Dorian (a mode of the Major), Harmonic Minor, and all the weird shit too.

Have a play around and check out the Chord Generator here.