Sir David Attenborough isn’t happy with Aussie politicians

Sir David Attenborough, the beloved natural historian behind several generations of love for the environment, has taken to Australian radio waves to discuss the Earth’s current climate crisis. Attenborough passionately advocated his side of the debate while speaking with Tom Tilley on triple J’s Hack.

From Australian politics, to youth advocates, to religious viewpoints, the interview is broad in its topics. Yet the key theme of ‘what are we leaving behind’ drives Mr Attenborough’s discussion.

While speaking with triple j’s Tom Tilley, Sir David Attenborough revealed he isn’t happy with our pollies’ efforts to preserve the planet.

Mr Attenborough explained why he singled out Australia earlier in the year when discussing the climate crisis. Attenborough said it was the backpedaling viewpoints given by our politicians that led him to name and shame Australia.

An unhealthy view on government is something many young Australian’s have developed due to similar reasons.

But hearing such a respected member of the global community condemn politicians attitudes was fulfilling. Just like watching your grandparents scold your parents when you were a kid.

The Planet Earth host threw his wholehearted support behind youth climate strikers. Continuing to loudly bring these issues to the attention of global leaders will change the general feeling of urgency felt by the population. By changing widespread viewpoints on issues such as plastic consumption and plant based diets, it becomes easier for us to see a defined moral path.

Let’s hope the moral path is ignited sooner rather than later.

Watch the full interview below!