Drawing pictures with plants: creating colourful, cartoon-like works of art in Inakadate’s rice fields

Inakadate in Japan is a village renowned for its rice production, which seemingly goes hand in hand with big, bright works of art. With a 2000 year history in the practice, Inakadate had a solid enough foundation for something other than rice to be created.

Inakadate is heightening its tourism input by using seven different colours of the rice rainbow, deliberately planted to create bright and bold cartoon-like masterpieces.

As a tourism-increasing ploy, government officials and members of the village began strategically planting different rice varieties in order to form bright and detailed cartoon-like images. 25 years and thousands of volunteers later, Inakadate is now known for its rice inspired works of art.

Each design entails a lengthy process before it’s put into action, initially beginning with a conference to brainstorm image ideas and computer mockups of the favoured designs. The images are then tweaked by local art teachers and scaled up to field size, with numbered markers placed indicating what goes where.

Each rice plant has to be perfectly placed in order to get the right colour, with the whole processes taking a total of three months to complete.

Check out the video below for more colourful rice compilations.

Via This Is Colossal.