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Cubase 11: the classic DAW has been reimagined

Cubase 11 is here. With new features to improve exporting, sampling, MIDI editing and more, this new version of the classic DAW is bound to impress.

Steinberg’s Cubase has one of the longest histories of all the major DAWs — a perennial favourite among engineers and musicians alike. Now, Cubase 11 has arrived, bringing with it a swag of new features.

Focusing on the professional demands of composers and engineers, the exporting process has been significantly enhanced. At the creative end the scale, the Sampler Track has been beefed up to include new and intuitive features. But this is just a taste of the many improvements.

Cubase 11

The exporting of stems and whole arrangements isn’t necessarily the most exciting prospect in the studio. Cubase 11 makes this potentially tiresome task more easy and intuitive than ever. You can easily bounce out a custom selection of tracks. You can even set up a queue for bouncing out multiple exports from the same session, while you go and do something more interesting.

With the redesigned Sampler Track, you can slice and dice loops and easily convert them to MIDI tracks. There’s a suite of advanced editing tools for tweaking playback quality, adjusting loop points and controlling performance behaviour.

Steinberg is also the home of Dorico, the innovative score editing software. Similarly in Cubase 11, scoring is intuitive and gives composers a powerful option for approaching DAW-based productions.

For a comprehensive list of updates, visit the Steinberg website.