PREMIERE: Dutch Falconi send us on a sonic journey on his new single ‘Scattered Pearls’

On his latest single, Dutch Falconi spins the far corners of instrumentation into a masterclass of tone and composition.

Dutch Falconi has an incredible ability to create densely visual, cinematic masterpieces. His latest single is certainly no exception.

Bursting with tango-tinted textures and detailed layers of melody, Scattered Pearls is an instrumental gem just waiting to be soundtracked in a Mediterranean art-house film.

dutch falconi

We’ve come to know the Sacramento-based artist for his visionary soundscapes and sonic sensitivity, but his latest single has to take the cake. Cinematic and deeply textured, Scattered Pearls gradually builds upon itself in harmonious strokes, ushering in a nuance and detail that places you right in the middle of Falconi’s sonic landscape. In this particular case, we find ourselves immersed on the Mediterranean coast.

Dutch Falconi calls upon every imaginable instrument in the wheelhouse and blends them together in ways thought unimaginable. Instruments, to Falconi, are less separate tools and more puzzle pieces waiting to be arranged into a portrait, making the end result feel so complete. Each phrase is air-tight and not a single second is left to waste.


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Leslie is working and the Tibias all tuned…. now if I can just figure out how to get the Viole Celeste & Vox Humana to sound correctly, I’d be ready to record with this Beast! Yay!

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“Scattered Pearls from forthcoming album, Bloom & Brimstone, is a masterwork in production and layering; a mildly punishing tango that surrounds listeners in immersive instrumentation and taut rhythms,” the artist’s bio reads. “Tonally presented as a framework for a heightened state of mind, the song was born during a challenging time when Falconi had uncovered fraud and larceny within the family business. “Scattered Pearls” is an impassioned plea for order and justice in a world dominated by greed and self-interest.”

At its core, Scattered Pearls is a tango-inspired masterpiece that evokes rich and sultry soundscapes through considered melodies and instrumentation. It’s a must-listen.

Dive in below: