Cull Bà nội EP Launch

Goodgod Small Club and Danceteria continues to impress Sydney’s finest with it’s cultural relevance, cutting edge musical acts, it’s “cool haircuts only” door policy and exclusive drink pricing. This Saturday (15th Feb 2014), the underground diner themed hotspot plays host to Sydney psychedelic band Cull’s Bà nội EP launch. Quick language lesson, Bà nội means Grandmother in Vietnamese and as such, the album reflects vocalist Chumpy Ly’s journey after the passing of his grandmother.

cull - world inside your head

Now when I said they’re a Sydney psychedelic band, I didn’t mean that as an offhand comment or a dismissive moniker – they’re a psychedelic band worthy of the label. Everything swirls, everything buzzes, some things phase, other things flange, and a lot of things on the EP absolutely fucking destroy. It’s modern, artless shoegaze at it’s finest, and Cull put on a live show worthy of a much larger stage (and certainly a better sound system than Goodgod’s).

Joining them are Made In Japan, who exude a similar cool, standoffish vibe with more history on the side of post-rock or delay heavy indie à la Interpol, as well as Bad Jeep, a ragged synth pop group who recently played the amazing BAD DAY OUT party at Petersham Bowlo earlier this year. All in all, it’s definitely a show worth enduring an extended amount of time at Goodgod Small Club and Danceteria to enjoy. Tix are $12, doors open at 8pm, heinous street hipsters will start flooding the front venue at about 11pm, so be sure to get a cozy spot at the back of the club room before then.