Twitter drags DaBaby after he dissed JoJo Siwa in his latest track

Everyone loves a bit of clever wordplay but it’s hard to Si-wa rapper DaBaby decided to drag teen icon JoJo Siwa in his latest track, Beatbox’ Freestyle.

Last weekend, in what seemed like a twisted game of Mad Libs, 29-year-old rapper DaBaby released a remix of SpotEmGottem’s viral TikTok song Beatbox, which included some questionable lyrics referencing 17-year-old singer, dancer, and entrepreneur, JoJo Siwa.

Approximately a minute into the track, DaBaby raps, “You a bitch, JoJo Siwa (Bitch!),” whilst holding up a photo of Siwa, consequently confusing the internet.


Some will remember JoJo Siwa from her stint on Dance Moms or for her best-selling hair bow range, of which she has sold 80 million. More recently, the teenager has been in the spotlight for proudly announcing via Twitter that she is a part of the LGBTIQ community. The announcement received an outpouring of support online with one Twitter user even slating Siwa as the next in line for Ellen DeGeneres’ throne.

This is why it is so baffling that DaBaby would take a stab at Siwa, when the singer is at her height of popularity.

One theory is that DaBaby is well aware that JoJo Siwa is at the peak of her career and is name-dropping the star to boost his own internet views and relevancy.

DaBaby has since confirmed that he was in fact DaBbling in wordplay, by replacing “see why” with “Siwa.” 

The lyrics themselves do offer some sort of explanation for the reference:

You know, I’m tryna enjoy this bread (Go)
You know, be fancy and sh*t, be mainstream and sh*t, you know, you know? (Fasho)”

It doesn’t get much more mainstream than mentioning a teen icon with a net worth of $14 million, almost five times more than that of DaBaby’s.

Siwa has yet to comment on the drama, she is too busy building her empire.