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Check out a full list of the gear Daft Punk used to record Homework

Ever wondered what Daft Punk used to achieve the huge sounds on Da Funk or Around The World? Wonder no more with this Homework-era gear list.

Despite quickly shooting to world fame in the late ’90s after releasing their iconic debut album Homework, Daft Punk have spent their careers shrouded in mystery. Of course, their identities have been hidden, but they’ve remained equally tight-lipped about what they get up to behind studio doors.

Thanks to a Daft Punk Reddit post, we’ve been gifted a full gear list of what Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo used when recording that first album.

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Daft Punk, as a musical phenomenon, blew out onto the scene in an explosion of experimental glory- bringing the authentic sound of the TR-909 and the waddling baby steps of house music into the mainstream. Since their breakup earlier this year, it does kind of feel strange to be speaking about the duo in the past tense- but since their sound was instantly classic the second it was released, it’s no surprise that their movements as an outfit are being picked apart by nostalgic fans. One particular article, which seems to come from a Japanese magazine feature before the iconic Discovery helmets, has been drawing the interest of such fans because it shows a pretty concise list of gear used on their debut album: Homework.

In accordance with the band’s mythos, their upgrade from the grimy french techno streets did very much arrive as they forged ahead into Discovery, and kept growing beyond this, leading to one of the most beautifully produced albums of the 2010’s — so what you’re seeing below is a very early glimpse at how everything came together.

Amongst a pretty legendary cohort of Roland synths and drum machines, you’ll find some straight-up relics of music production’s past (hello EMAGIC MicroLogic). Check out the full list below.

Source: Reddit


  • Alesis MMT-8
  • Apple Macintosh + EMAGIC MicroLogic


  • AKAI S01
  • E-MU SP-1200
  • ROLAND S-760


  • ROLAND Juno-106
  • ROLAND MC-202
  • ROLAND TB-303

Drum Machines

  • LINN LinnDrum
  • ROLAND TR-707
  • ROLAND TR-808
  • ROLAND TR-909


  • ALESIS Microverb III
  • ALESIS 3630 Compressor
  • BEHRINGER Compressor
  • BEHRINGER Parametric EQ
  • LEXICON Vortex
  • LEXICON JamMan
  • LA Audio Gate/Compressor
  • WALDORF MiniWorks 4-pole
  • YAMAHA Digital Delay


  • MACKIE. MS-1202
  • MACKIE. CR-1604


  • IOMEGA Zip Drive