PREMIERE: Daily J dive headfirst into a vintage-inspired dreamscape on ‘Sunshine Hides’

On their latest release, Daily J ascend into curators of meaning as they scour our mundane existence for shreds of beauty.

Daily J have all the workings of New Zealand’s next success story. A polished look, cinematic visuals, a clear vision, and radio-ready tunes, these boys are not to be missed.

The proof’s in the pudding, and their latest slice is as sweet as it comes. The music video for their track Sunshine Hides, a cut from their debut album Venus Ate Marsbursts with the nuance of an arthouse film and the delicacy of a ’70s dreamscape.

daily j

In a tango between the breathtakingly gorgeous, the completely absurd, and the painstakingly real, Daily J channel a momentum towards happiness. Whether they find what they are looking for, or not, is another question entirely. On Sunshine Hides, the band ride the high, searching for unfulfilling answers to empty questions.

Their ’70s-tinted visuals capture this dichotomy between the normal and the superficial perfectly, glossing over our mundane world in Technicolour. We follow the band through a nighttime car ride, a drug-fuelled party, and the sordid realities of the comedown, showing that everything and nothing can be found in the space of a night.


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“In a world full of fake realities & short term highs, ‘Sunshine Hides’ makes us question what true happiness is in the modern world,” the band explain. “The brand new video directed by Cam Neat and shot after NZ had been in Full Lockdown, takes you on a journey that falls somewhere in-between the mundane and the absurd. As Cam puts it… ‘A group of dazed mates receive a mysterious invitation from a parking lot pay phone which leads them on a wild ride that they will never remember.’”

Dive into this beautifully curated masterpiece below, and make sure to check out the band on social media: