Dane Taylor – Let’s Float

In case you missed it, check out Shining Bird‘s lead singer and guitarist, Dane Taylor and his watery wanderlust of Let’s Float, inspired by an ‘artist in resident’ program at Cocoon Floatation– Illawarra’s first flotation tank centre located in Figtree, Wollongong. This program selects artists who are given two free 60 minute floating session within a two week period, in exchange for the creation of a small piece of artwork afterwards, hopefully inspired by the artist’s experience – sounds like a good deal.

dane taylor

Dane Taylor’s trip to a floatation tank allowed him to come up with this dreamy, nostalgic marvel. The secret’s out for making unbelievably spiritual music.

Clearly this program has left a resounding imprint on Dane whose single is simply a divine piece of experimental and ambient electro pop. Plus you won’t believe this so you just have to trust me, but upon writing this article the view count for the video was “888” – in Chinese tradition that is considered very lucky; triple fortune. So I guess good things are coming your way Dane for creating this gift of a beautifully therapeutic song.

The nature induced track sees Dane channelling his 80’s roots both musically and visually – the sound of birds (what a coincidence), synths, gentle glissandos of guitars, saxophones, flutes, and many more surprises. The pristine and tranquil soundscape is enough to dispel all your negative energy, and how can you not with the atmosphere of tropical paradise surrounded by luscious waters that persistently insists on inviting you to be immersed .

Dane’s deeply mesmerising vocals give you motivation to maintain focus on the colourful confusion that takes place. The intermission introduces a foreign yet transient voice of existential spoken word, that explores space and all this other deep stuff:” Are we the children of ancient spacemen? Are we somehow being prepared by an intelligence beyond our own? From our first encounter with extraterrestrial being, think, am I being prepared for this extraterrestrial encounter? Are you? How soon? This is not a work of fiction, this is not a work of grievance. No.” If this is some kind of propaganda for a new aged cult then I’m highly wary, but at the same time… just listen to the track and it will speak for itself as to why you can’t escape some things.

So much to reflect on, my mind has been opened and it cannot be closed – highly spiritual, I can’t even.  For the duration of this 6 minute song you will be continually  entertained and engrossed as the portal to the past becomes more evident. You can get your free download of Let’s Float right here (or you know the drill, you can pay more if you think it deserves money, which it totally does). Remember, do not operate this song whilst doing dangerous or strenuous activities, as it will cause one to loose sense of self and collapse into  a state of trance.



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