Daniel McClelland goes to war with himself on his new clip for ‘Blotted Out The Background’

Daniel McClelland belts out a brand of music that’s kind of hard to wrap your head around. His tunes pull in so many different sonic directions, they don’t fit neatly (or at all) into any categories of genre. This, however, is his music’s most endearing quality. Venturing through one of his tracks will always be a brilliantly unexpected journey.

With the release of his latest single Blotted Out The Background, McClelland further refines his penchant for crafting idiosyncratic and endlessly original gems of sound. If you’re not already listening to this artist, we strongly recommend you change that.

On his new video for Blotted Out The Background, Wellington artist Daniel McClelland delivers a bizarre but completely captivating melting pot of old-school film genres.

Throughout the new single, Daniel McClelland melds together elements of pop, alternative, surf-rock, and electronica to deliver something uniquely his own. The track is equal parts jarring and enjoyable, as the Wellington artist navigates pounding synthetic beats, bright vocal harmonies, and pulsating post-rock synth lines.

The new track arrives alongside a new music video, providing the perfect visual accompaniment to this charmingly bizarre track. Through the use of various editing effects and split-screen techniques, the clip features McClelland as 12 different versions of himself. The video flips between visual themes just as sporadically as the single does.

Spaghetti westerns, B-grade horror flicks, and strange sci-fi’s are all woven into one another, until the protagonist of each (all played by McClelland) all come face-to-face in an epic final battle.

Blotted Out The Background is the first single to be taken from McClelland’s forthcoming EP Swallow Fear, due out November 24th. If this new track is anything to go by, I think we can safely expect plenty more quality tunes from this Kiwi artist.

In the meantime do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Blotted Out The Background above.