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Dark Souls 3 just got a lot easier with this Modern Firearm mod

From Software’s Dark Souls series has a reputation for being one of the most punishing experiences in gaming history. The way it challenges players to become intimately knowledgeable of the game’s mechanics while mercilessly punishing mistakes has even spawned its own genre: ‘Souls-game.’

A game this serious obviously offers up ample opportunity for subversion. Created by Forsakensilver, the Modern Firearm mod gives you, let’s say, a competitive edge. The game’s famously opaque world still requires you to do a little digging, but at least you’ve got an AK47 to help you out.Dark Souls 3 mod

The Dark Souls series is famous for its mysteriously opaque world and lack of mercy. With a new mod, however, you can ditch the sword and pick up some modern firearms.

Of the mod, Forsakensilver notes: “This mod replaced all the crossbows with automatic and semi-automatic modern firearms. All the crossbow animations are also adjusted with faster firing rate, preparation time, new VFX and firing sound.”

Some of the weapons at your disposal include an AK47, M16, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and more. Needless to say, this amount of firepower tilts the scales back in your favour.

So while this mod isn’t an exercise in subtlety, it’s damn fun and shows that even a game like Dark Souls 3 doesn’t need to take itself seriously all the time.

For all the details, visit Nexus Mods.