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Darkglass Electronics unleashes the ‘Squid’ bass preamp pedal

Finnish pedal-makers Darkglass Electronics are known for crafting world-class bass pre-amp and distortion pedals, inspired by Lovecraftian mythology.

Now they’re releasing a limited edition run of one of their best selling pedals, the concisely-named Microtubes B7K Ultra V2 Aux In, dubbed the ‘Squid’.Darkglass Electronics Squid

Limited to 1000 units worldwide, the Darkglass Electronics ‘Squid’ offers a mythical interpretation of their beloved bass pre-amp pedal.

Ignacio Bazan Lazcano’s artwork combined with new engraving techniques gives a striking look to the pedal. The main guts of the pedal remain the same. It features a microtubes dynamic saturation circuit with independent bypass and distortion footswitches that allow the pedal’s onboard EQ and distortion to be engaged individually.

The four-band EQ includes separate switches for Lo Mids and High Mids, each offering three selectable mid-band frequencies. On top of this, there is the Attack switch, for emphasising or de-emphasising treble and presence, and the Grunt switch that offers three different boost levels. All of this allows for ultimate bass tone-shaping control.

In the master section, there is a master volume control and a blend knob that mixes the instrument’s dry signal with the pedal’s wet signal.

Outside of the pre-amp/EQ sections, the ‘Squid’ provides IR cabinet loading capabilities, with the ability to switch models via the included USB and packaged software. The pedal can load one model at a time and can be turned on or off by the switch labelled Cab Sim.

The ‘Squid’ also includes a quarter-inch instrument input, an aux input, a headphone output, a ground-loop switch, and both balanced XLR and quarter-inch output sockets.

You can read more at the Darkglass Electronics website.