Dave Grohl reminisces on the time that David Bowie told him to “fuck off”

Dave Grohl has become quite the storyteller of late, with the former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman posting real-life stories to his new Instagram page.

His latest is about the Thin White Duke himself.

Dave Grohl playing guitar
Photo – Mauricio Santana/Getty

In his latest True Stories series, Dave Grohl reminisces on his history with David Bowie, including the time the iconic musician told him to “fuck off”.

The talented and ever-charismatic Grohl has finally posted the latest anecdote for his True Stories Instagram Series, hooking our interest with the very first line: “Well. That’s settled. Now Fuck Off.”

The spiced-up comment is attributed to beloved icon and rockstar, David Bowie. Of course, it was the sort of banter Bowie was known for, but being told to fuck off by the Starman himself sent Grohl trembling for a quick minute. The line dates back to when Grohl asked Bowie if he’d like to collaborate with him on a song for a “big budget, major motion picture”.

Elsewhere Grohl reminisces on the time the pair worked together on the song Jewel for Reeves Gabrel’s 1999 solo record, Ulysses, as well as on the impact Bowie had on Grohl from a young age. Grohl recalls belting the backing vocals “Hey Man!” in a pre-pubescent voice to Bowie’s classic track, Suffragette City. Can you blame him?

Grohl also reveals his favourite Bowie album, which would be sure to upset the die-hard Bowie fans. There’s a general consensus that The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is Bowie’s magnum opus, but not for the Foo Fighters frontman. The album that stole Grohl’s heart? The 1983 record, Let’s dance. 

Check out Grohl’s full story below.

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