David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd ‘reunite’ to show support of detained Freedom Flotilla activists

It’s not quite the Pink Floyd reunion we’re after, but in a rare moment Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason have made a joint statement in support of the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

You have to admire the Floyd members for their vigilance when it comes to speaking out against inequality and standing against injustice. There are few musicians who act on their level as social and political spokespeople.

freedom flotilla

The holy trinity of Waters, Gilmour and Mason have once again come together in a joint effort to deplore the illegal arrest of a group of female activists in Israel.

Last month thirteen activists boarded a ship in Barcelona and set sail for Gaza in an effort to bring international attention to Israel’s military blockade of the Gaza Strip. In a move they all expected, the Israeli Navy has since intercepted their vessel and detained the women on board. Read Floyd’s statement on the matter below:

With the proper and attention and the support of like-minded individuals and officials, hopefully something can be done to accomplish the hard-fought goals of the Women of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

Pink Floyd have been quiet since 2014’s comeback record The Endless River. Musical or otherwise, you can’t say no to more Floyd news, especially in support of a worthy cause.

Via Pitchfork.