Trent Reznor speaks out on the return of Nine Inch Nails: “2016 is not over yet”

Nine Inch Nails seems to have some of the most devoted fans out there, in no small part due to Trent Reznor’s proclivity. Followers of the band have been hanging onto any scrap of news they can get their hands on since NIN’s last album Hesitation Marks in 2013.

Earlier this year Reznor confirmed that 2016 would see his band’s return. As the year draws to a close, he’s been a little more quiet.

nine inch nails

With less than three months left in the year, Nine Inch Nails fans are doubting the band’s promised 2016 return. Trent Reznor took to Instagram today to quell those fears.

After Reznor a photo on Instragram of some of the crew from Leonardo Di Caprio’s upcoming climate change flick Before The Flood (which he scored), he was met with an overwhelming amount of comments demanding Nine Inch Nails news. Rather than ignoring the requests, Reznor chose to respond to them directly:

Nine Inch Nails

Three months can be plenty of time in the world of music, and it sounds like Reznor and Nine Inch Nails have some concrete news on the near horizon. Rather than constantly questioning whether or not 2016 will be the year, just trust in old mate Trent. He’s been a busy boy lately.