See a selection of photos from David Lynch’s new book of smoky, mysterious nudes

Take a sneak peek at some of the photos from Nudes – David Lynch’s new book of portraits that explore the “infinite variety” of the female body.

Back in 2007, David Lynch exhibited a collection of beautiful portraits that explored the concept of feminine nudity in abstract and subversive ways.

The exhibition, The Air Is on Fire, was held in Paris (and later in Russia), and saw Lynch teasing themes from his childhood, adolescent, and adult lifeNow, ten years later, the photos are being published as a collection for the first time.

David Lynch's

Titled Nudes, the book is being published by Fondation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain, the institute that first exhibited the works. “I like to photograph naked women,” Lynch explained at the book’s launch last month. “The infinite variety of the human body is fascinating: it is amazing and magic to see how different women are.”

The book will book feature more than a hundred nudes by the artist, both in black-and-white and colour format. “These erotically-charged photographs are close to abstraction, offering kaleidoscopic visions of the woman,” reads the book’s press release.

“They attest to David Lynch’s fascination with the infinite variety of the human body, while being in line with his cinematographic work.”

Take a sneak peek at a selection of shots from the book below. And check it out here.

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