See Aussie Filmmakers in a Whole New Light in ‘Additional Assets’

The crew that brought Western Sydney gem ‘Latitudes’ to the Powerhouse Museum, is now turning their camera towards ‘Additional Assets’

Subversus, the creative powerhouse behind VERSUS films, is bringing you something extra special: Additional Assets.

This groundbreaking exhibition series isn’t your typical film screening. Instead, it’s a celebration of the hidden talents of Australia’s most compelling filmmakers – their skills behind the lens, capturing stunning photographs.

additional assets exhibtion m2 gallery
Photo: Ben Briand

Forget everything you thought you knew about filmmakers. These legends aren’t just masters of motion pictures. Many are secret photography ninjas with a knack for capturing breathtaking stills.

Additional Assets pulls back the curtain, showcasing original photographic works from 29 of Australia’s hottest directors and cinematographers.

“As filmmakers, you’re often faced with an image that’s begging to be photographed, whether that’s on set or an interesting location or character,” says Subversus co-founder, Jason Sukadana. “But filmmaking is fairly demanding on time and creative energy, so most of these often quite incredible photographs end up as social media fodder or forgotten files.”

The exhibition promises a visual feast. Get ready to see a stunning range of aesthetics and subjects. Think:

Intimate portraits of everyday Aussies from the outback.

Glimpses into the lives of people living in public housing, from Italy to Cuba.

Dreamlike moments captured on film sets.

Early snapshots of now-famous musicians.

Thought-provoking conceptual pieces, some created specifically for the show.

additional assets
Photo: Hyun Lee

Additional Assets isn’t just about the art. It’s about fostering a sense of community within the Australian filmmaking scene. Co-founders Jason Sukadana and Tanya Babić are passionate about creating a space where filmmakers can connect, network, and celebrate each other’s work.

“It just made sense to try and get a show together to not only celebrate the wealth of talent among our peers,” says Tanya Babić, Subversus co-founder. “But also to explore a potentially ongoing opportunity for exhibiting and commercialising our surplus of unseen imagery.”

The inaugural Additional Assets exhibition kicks off on Friday, April 18th with a launch party at m2 Gallery in Sydney (6pm-9pm).

The exhibition itself runs from April 19th to 23rd (10am-4pm daily). Plus, there’s a chance to snag some limited-edition prints of your favourite pieces!

This is your chance to see a different side of Australian filmmaking talent and discover hidden gems.

More info over at Subversus or M2 Gallery.