David Lynch is set to receive an honorary Oscar

David Lynch is set to be honoured this October at the Governor’s awards in Hollywood. The eccentric director/screen-writer double threat has evaded the gold statuette since the late 1970’s when he launched onto the scene with his debut Eraserhead. Since, he has received nominations for directorial work on The Elephant Man in 1980 and his own penned Mulholland Drive in 2001, but could not secure the win despite widespread adoration.

Lynch’s collaboration with actor Kyle MacLachlan has brought to life some of the silver and small screens’ most whimsical characters, Dale Cooper in the cult TV series Twin Peaks and Jefferey Beaumont in 1986’s Blue Velvet.

40 years deep into his career, David Lynch is set to be honoured this October with honorary Oscar.

Lynch is being honoured alongside other Hollywood greats. Thelma and Lousie star Geena Davis is receiving the Jean Hersholt humanitarian award for he continual efforts to affect change within the industry and its longstanding history of gender bias. Wes Studi and Lina Wertmüller will also be receiving honorary Oscars due to their cultural influence.

This news comes off the back of a re-release of Blue Velvet, which has received the Criterion treatment and can now be purchased with 51 extra minutes of deleted scenes and alternate takes.