David Lynch gives a Twin Peaks virtual reality experience the green light

David Lynch gives a Twin Peaks virtual reality experience the green light

If you’ve ever wanted to drink a damn fine cup of coffee and share a slice of cherry pie with Special Agent Dale Cooper, you’re in luck: David Lynch is helping gaming wizards Collider Games create a virtual reality experience of his magnum opus, Twin Peaks.

Have a chat with Major Briggs in the RR diner or share a bowl of garmonbozia with Wild Bob in Lynch’s Twin Peaks virtual reality experience.

The first (unofficial) trailer has dropped for the Twin Peaks virtual reality experience, and it’s… interesting. Fans are transported into the RR diner for a very brief chat with Major Briggs; we see Laura Palmer, 25 years on, in the Black Lodge. A very suspicious looking Audrey Horne dances in the diner, Wild Bob is eating garmonbozia in the derelict house from Fire Walk With Me, and the Man from Another World, who looks particularly unflattering, asks us whether this “is future, or is it past?”.

The first public look at the VR program premiered a few weeks ago at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles. AdWeek offers the only official description of the brief demo, which begins near the ring of saplings at Glastonbury Grove:

“Immediately after the pool turns to blood, viewers are transported to the Red Room, an extra-dimensional space that’s been a key feature of Twin Peaks in both the original series from the 1990s and the modern revival that aired last year. (It’s also a location frequently visited by the show’s main character, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.) Inside the room, viewers aren’t able to walk like they can in some VR experiences, but they’re able to teleport within the room as it rapidly changes in ways similar to what happens in the show itself. (One moment, a statue falls over before running around as a shadow on the other side of a curtain. In another, users can pick up a coffee mug that won’t empty until the second time it’s picked up.) The demo ends as a white horse appears in the room in the distance, surrounded in darkness but unreachable.”

Watch the trailer below:

What the game creators have clarified is that this is nowhere near the final product (phew). The Twin Peaks VR experience is rumoured to drop sometime in 2019. The experience will feature scenes from the original two seasons, Fire Walk With Me and the 2017 reboot.

You may or may not want to enter The Black Lodge, though. Who knows if you’ll ever return…

Via Open Culture.