Take a look at Gorillaz’ stunning new augmented reality shows

Gorillaz took over Times Square and Piccadilly Circus with augmented reality shows, in celebration of their single, Skinny Ape.

Over the weekend, Gorillaz stunned crowds with two immersive, augmented reality performances – one in New York’s Times Square (December 17), and another in London’s Piccadilly Circus (December 18), in celebration of their most recent single, Skinny Ape.

Directed by the group’s co-founder Jamie Hewlett, and Emmy-nominated French producer/writer Fx Goby, the “larger-than-life” performances required fans to download a specially-made app called ‘Gorillaz Presents’ in order to view the AR show, which fused authentic and computer-generated visuals.

Gorillaz AR
Credit: Twitter @midnightmerry12

As announced by the UK-hailing virtual collective via Instagram on December 9, “Skinny Ape is OUT NOW! The immersive live experience is coming to New York & London.” 

Gorillaz’ bassist, Murdoc added: “To all our followers, get ready for the biggest Times Square takeover since that other gorilla smashed the place up. Bigger in fact cos there’s four of us. Thanks to the techies at Google, we’ve created the music video event of the century, so don your pink robes and come see Gorillaz like you’ve never seen us before. The future is nigh!”


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Released earlier this month, Skinny Ape precedes the group’s forthcoming album, Cracker Island, which is set to launch on February 24, 2023 via Parlaphone. Pre-order the LP here.

Thanks to hoards of fans at both locations who captured footage of these incredible AR performances on Saturday and Sunday, we can catch a glimpse of the magic that took place ourselves. Check out some of the fan-shot clips below.