David Lynch will teach you how to tap into your inner avant-garde

If you’ve ever watched any of the iconic works from David Lynch, you’ve no doubt wondered where he comes up with this stuff. And if you’ve ever gone to the next step and wondered if you can do it, now’s your chance.

Iconic director and creative mind David Lynch will now teach you how to produce out of this world films thanks to MasterClass. His 13-class course will help you tap into your creativity, and teach you how to turn ideas into a feature film. 


You can learn film making from the mind of the incredible David Lynch. His course, titled David Lynch Teaches Creativity, promises 13 lessons of brilliance.

In the two-minute ad for the course, Lynch promises to teach you how to “catch an idea” and what to do once you have one. Once you’ve got that, in the words of the famed director himself, “party time”.

This kind of mastery doesn’t come cheap though. You can purchase a single class for a hefty $140 each. Alternately, you can sign up for a years subscription to MasterClass for $280. This will also get you access to their whole range of classes. But really, we’re all there just to learn from the enigmatic Lynch.