Florence Pugh writes two original songs for her new film ‘A Good Person’

Hollywood’s darling, Florence Pugh, has treated audiences to two songs she wrote for her upcoming film. 

British Actress Florence Pugh has risen to stardom and impressed the world with her on-screen talent. Her often tortured characters have gained her a cult following. Her especially poignant frowning face has become emblematic of many films she has starred in. Luckily for us, she is showing off her musical skill in her new film ‘A Good Person’. 

Pugh’s ex-partner, Zach Braff, wrote and directed the film. He wrote the film during the pandemic, as he was dealing with his own grief.  Braff wrote the part specifically for Pugh, over the covid lockdown period, when they were living together. Pugh discussed with W Magazine that she was involved from “the beginning of this character and this story”. 

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The film follows Allison, Pugh, as she tackles the grief and guilt she feels for killing her fiancee’s sister and husband. This dark turn in her life leads her into opiate addiction. She then meets her ex-fiance’s estranged father, Daniel, played by Morgan Freeman, at an AA meeting. Daniel and Allison explore their grief together. She then befriends Daniel’s granddaughter, portrayed by newcomer Celeste O’Connor.

Florence Pugh A Good Person
Image: Karwai Tang/WireImage

These unlikely friendships aid Allison/Allie in finding a way to escape her pain and find peace in her life again.


Pugh’s intimacy with the creation of her character Allison lead her to write, ‘I Hate Myself’ and ‘The Best Part’ for the film. Allison uses her music as a form of introspection. She dives deep into the character’s depth of emotion.  She sings lyrics such as “I fucking hate myself”, the rawness of her voice pierces the listener. Pugh quotes for W Magazine that Allison “wins and fails almost daily”. Allison’s rollercoaster of emotions is evident in the songs, as she ebbs and flows with love and guilt. 


These are the first songs Pugh has released on her own. But you may be surprised to find she has had a long history with music. The Oscar-nominated actress even said that “I would have put my money on being a singer-songwriter way before being an actor”, to BBC Radio 4 in 2022. Pugh still has her YouTube channel up under the name Flossie Rose.

Her videos cover some absolute classics as she earnestly strums away on her acoustic guitar. She has also collaborated with her brother Toby Sebastian, who played Trystane Martell in ‘Game of Thrones’, on a song entitled ‘Midnight’. She’s held her own with international pop star Harry Styles, on the track ‘With You All The Time’, which was released for their film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’. 

Florence Pugh is not just a good person, she’s a great one. Her acting prowess and her musical abilities are extraordinary. Is there anything this woman cannot do?