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PREMIERE: Self-identified clone Marquee Mayfield has arrived with Databyte Diva

For a clone made in a Tennessee factory, Marquee Mayfield makes some seriously cool music. Through his music, he aims to remind us that he’s “out there to interact with humans,” and that “clones aren’t total machines.” They have “feelings.

Marquee Mayfield Databyte Diva video

Marquee Mayfield, self-identified clone, reflects on dating in the digital age based on his observations of humankind, with a vibrantly coloured dreamlike video to accompany.

With the aid of a scientist known only as ‘Chloe’, Marquee Mayfield creates unique and saucy retro-inspired pop music. The influence of pop legends like Prince and Jamiroquai are evident, alongside the robo-style electronic drums and computer sounds.

Mayfield’s musical vision has a very strong visual element, and today, he shares the first of his jams… with the appropriate colourful accessories. His new video for Databyte Diva is a nostalgic trip to the 80s with square computers, fluoros, neons and tragic glasses.

Mayfield describes the TV snippets and old props as “trashy-cool artefacts“, which sums it up pretty well. Despite being quintessentially old-school and over the top, it all flows into an ice cool glass of funk.

Lyrically, Databyte Diva provides social commentary of dating in the digital age and follows a narrative of Mayfield imagining approaching the perfect girl online but being consistently shut down by divas. The whole package is tongue in cheek and full of energy.

If you’re feeling like a fun, flirty, foray to the 80s, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for Databyte Diva above.

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March 21, 2019