Vaneese’s new single Goddess is an empowering pop jam

British singer-songwriter Vaneese, now based in the Gold Coast, is excelling in the pop genre with her new single Goddess. The track features flawless production, infectious melodies and tense interludes.

A celebration of female empowerment is a big theme in the song, with powerful lyricism alluding to the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite. On the track Vaneese explores of sexuality, letting go of inhibitions, and self acceptance.


Vaneese’s new song Goddess is a bright pop jam exploring divine connection and self acceptance, with a dose of feminine empowerment for good measure.

Discussing her song Goddess, Vaneese shared:

“Goddess represents a personal and powerful extract of my life where I really came into my own as a woman. I had a new found confidence and wasn’t afraid to ask or go for exactly what I wanted.”

“Ultimately, I wanted to celebrate that and celebrate the inner Goddess in us all and equally the people that we meet in life that bring out that sensual side of us.”

Vaneese collaborated with producers Simon Moro and Phil Turcio on the track, who have produced, mixed and played with a number of successful international artists in the past. Between all three, the song’s inner workings came to life, from experimental drum patterns, to dramatic string lines and eloquent vocal echoes.

Goddess is catchy, heartfelt and infectious, the combination of Veneese’s powerful lyricism and bold production choices creating a sultry and heartfelt atmosphere.


Goddess is out now.