Brimming with good vibes, David Ritchie and the Neighbours lay it down with Night at the Ritz

Alt-rock five-piece David Ritchie and the Neighbours have released their long-awaited EP, heralding six jams set to keep you warm at night. Night at the Ritz rolls with equal parts righteousness and good vibes.

Striking similar chords to alternative icons such as Radiohead, Nick Cave, Talking Heads and a dab of David Bowie, the outfit delivers hard-fought melodies with a fuzzed out finish. Based in Melbourne, the band is comprised of David Ritchie (vocals), Daniel Heeps (guitar), Casper Moxham (guitar), Matthew Ledingham (bass) and Chris Windley (drums).

David Ritchie and the Neighbours
Photo: Dannika Bonser

Night at the Ritz by David Ritchie and the Neighbours marks the second EP from the five-piece. With six tracks of all-embracing alt-rock jams, it was well worth the wait.

Kiwi Frontman David Ritchie is no stranger to the scene, having made his mark (along with guitarist Daniel Heeps) in Auckland as part of rock group International Flannel. The band released two LPs, both receiving high rotation across the ditch.

Spurred on by a drive to unveil something truly dynamic, Ritchie began collaborating with the talents of The Neighbours. Night at the Ritz is the result of the band’s unwavering passion and grit.

The tracks all pack a punch with charismatically cool vocals and an amplified groove. Opening track Good Woman is a soulful ode to some feverish love, filled with wailing guitar riffs. Around The Bend flows with an upbeat melody. It’s light, bright and danceable beyond belief, showcasing the group’s diversity.

There’s No Problem reps more punchy drums and an introspective outlook. With a dose of chewy guitar and fuzzy vocal licks, it’s one for the money. Around and Around features a healthy serving of bass, spinning with a more chaotic kind of mood. Such Ease closes the EP on a softer note, with stirring vocals scored against easy-breezy chord progression.

David Ritchie and the Neighbours will be joined by Lovejoy and Bad Bangs for their EP launch at The Grace Darling Hotel on June 21. Grab all the details here.