Dead Brian have a psychedelic self-titled EP

Dead Brian – Dead Brian EP

Sydney’s psychedelic rock band Dead Brian‘s take on the genre, popularly characteristed by overpowering and heavily induced hypnotism, is formidable. Their ‘less is best’ approach in having primal instrumentals, allows them to create expansive and calming soundscapes- appreciate the clarity in seeing vulnerability in an otherwise bold sound .

dead brian band

Sydney’s Dead Brian’s primal instrumentation and use of guitar effects create an assured and untroubled soundscape- psychedelic rock at it’s best.

Forming out of what remained from the band Call To Colour, with members Marc Rodriguez, Dylan Sheehan, Bowen Shakallis, and Taylor Laird , the band’s carefully orchestrated sound grants you the ability to interchange your focus from individual instruments to the band’s sound as a whole- it must be their paradoxical intensity which let’s you be free and yet bounds you in a stringent walk through their music.

Their musical influences of The Black Angels, Black Sabbath, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and BRMC, really reveal themselves through this four-track self titled EP, as Dead Brian bring out this calm alertness- it’s the balance of robust and anchored downtempo rhythms and clusters of stand out pedal effects, which accentuate your awareness rather than drowning you in a delusional trip.

Catch Dead Brian and Dead Radio supporting Richard in Your Mind at Jam Gallerys’s JAWS this Friday 3rd October. Free entry!



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