Deb Stitt unleashes a tapestry of folk storytelling on her new single ‘Arrows’

On her latest single, Deb Stitt sings to a heartache that most of us, unfortunately, experience throughout our lives.

Deb Stitt is able to capture some of the most overwhelming, intimate moments with such eloquence and clarity. She has an incredible understanding of this world that pierces straight through her music, welcoming listeners into her vision through stunning folk melodies. The latest addition to her catalogue, Arrows, is everything you love about the songwriter but dialled up to eleven.

Bursting with heart and narrative, there’s something so raw and honest about this track that keeps you coming back every time.

deb stitt

Stitt is a sonic storyteller, as honest as they come. Her music merely acts as a canvas on which she paints her narratives, glistening in folk choruses. Although this has always been the cornerstone of her work, her time in Nashville, following the release of her 2017 EP, has allowed her melodies to refine and her lyricism to grow richer.

Take Arrows, for example: a song that manages to capture a moment so intimate, yet so relatable, without leaving any note to waste. Layers of violin and harmonies wash over the song in increments, adding a silky, gossamer quality to the track, while an air-tight rhythm section adds a quintessential folk earthiness.


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One for the diary! Playing @leedervillesongwritersclub Tuesday, October 20. I do love a Songwriter’s night. (This may or may not be my first Songwriter’s gig in 11 months) I’ll be performing my new single Arrows live for the 3rd time ever! 😁😁

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“I was sitting in my kitchen one day and all of a sudden I realised the guy I was dating liked someone else – I doubled over like I’d been shot by an arrow!” the songwriter explains about the track. “This was closely followed by a slightly messy uncoupling and this part of the story comes through in the verses. The chorus, however, tells a different story! While I’m often ducking and diving to avoid pain I believe someone else is looking out for me. It’s about a higher love and having a faith that you can lean on.”

Poignant and utterly gorgeous, Arrows is hopefully an exciting taster of more new music from the songwriter.

You’ll be able to catch Deb at the Leederville Songwriter’s Club on October 20 and the Crew & King concert series on October 30.

Dive into Arrows below: