Hannah Frances spins a dark, folk-pop odyssey on her new single ‘Here Comes The Rain’

For fans of Lana Del Rey, ethereal melodies, and otherworldly soundscapes, dive into the latest single from Hannah Frances.

Listening to Hannah Frances’ new single for the first time is like softly falling asleep under the comfort of twilight. Lush, soothing, and utterly spellbinding, her ethereal vocals and satiny, rhythm-driven melodies sweep over you like silk, connecting your heartbeat to her bass and enveloping you in the sheer religion of her sonic.

The song is a slow burner, but not in the traditional way. Opening with an earthy drone and just her raw vocals, tides of harmony softly crash through as drum beats and piano enter. In the space of its nearly six-minute run, Here Comes The Rain develops from the tones of a hauntingly mesmerising night sky into a completely embracing chorus that swirls around you like the wind.

hannah frances

Hannah Frances has never been one to mince her sonic or lyricism in order to fit the industry’s conventions. Rather, she tears down the fabric of everything we knew and allows the music to organically unravel for itself. Take Here Comes The Rain for example; soulful, majestic, and heavenly. The single captures the raw energy of being in love and then casts this intensity toward the night sky, capturing a sonic that is both grand and earthy at the same time.

The blend of her witchy folk-pop and angelic runs brings the likes of Lana Del Rey, Stevie Nicks, and London Grammar’s Hannah Reid to mind. Rich yet misty, sparkling yet grounded, the track is as much an opus of sonic storytelling as the songs of the greats before her.


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This is the most vulnerable I’ve felt in a long time and I’m very ready to share ‘Here Comes The Rain’ with you on Friday 🌺 Thank you @leebradshawmusic . This song of mine is so close to my heart and you carefully held it in your hands and produced it in such an incredibly thoughtful and beautiful way that it nearly made me cry (happy tears) hearing it in it’s entirety for the first time in the studio 💖💖 Also a huge thank you to the incredible soul that is @iam.lheon I’m lucky to have had your powerful vocals soulfully roar towards the end of the track 💜💜- (you’re not gonna wanna sleep on this amazing woman everyone)

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“Described as ‘sweet, dark Greenwich Village inspired folk-pop’, Hannah Frances takes on these conventions and morphs them into a musical crystal ball to look forward into the future,” the singer’s bio reads.

“Having cut her teeth in open mics and backyard concerts around Melbourne, Hannah has moved her career onto support performances for local and international artists. Melbourne may be a long way from the famous New York region that spawned so many musical storytellers, but its echo can be heard loud and clear in Hannah’s intoxicating blend.”

From the moment it starts to its end, Here Comes The Rain leaves you hypnotised: Frances made sure of it. Wasting no time in forging a deep, glistening soundscape from within the burrows of folk-pop, the song holds a lifetime of artistry and talent.

Check out the single below: