Kirrah Amosa is on the road to greatness: "money can't buy the life-changing experiences"

Kirrah Amosa is on the road to greatness: “money can’t buy the life-changing experiences”

For fans of groovy beats, larger-than-life choruses, and sheer talent, meet Kirrah Amosa.

Kirrah Amosa is a star on the rise. With limitless talent at her disposal and a creative flair that is second to none, it only makes sense that partnerships and offers are being thrown at her, left, right, and centre. If it wasn’t for this year, however, we could have seen the Australian/Samoan artist on some of our world’s biggest stages.

Although a hurdle in her path, Amosa hasn’t let the pandemic hinder her artmaking or her trajectory. With a move to America in the works and countless opportunities on the horizon, it will only be a matter of time before she will finally gain the international recognition that she deserves.

kirrah amosa

The singer’s upcoming move to the States will be a crucial step in her music career. Co-ordinated to align with her role as a VocaliseU Ambassador, her re-location could not come at a better time, allowing her to connect and collaborate with a number of key artists. “As the Polynesian girl I am, I need my family close, which even made moving three hours north to Sydney painful, so moving countries wasn’t at the top of my to-do list,” the singer explains. “But strangely enough, something in my brain clicked and I started believing I was worth the things I wanted to work hard for and Los Angeles became a priority.”

Being involved in the VocaliseU family will be a huge step for the singer’s career, giving her the chance to expand her skills and fanbase around the country. “I’ll be able to write and perform my own music at some of Los Angeles’ most recognized music venues on a monthly basis, connect with and perform beside some incredible musicians and composers, and attend some of the biggest music events known like the American Music Awards and CMA Fest,” the singer writes.

Amosa hopes that this move will bring with it some time to work with industry heavyweights. With connections to Sammy Johnson, Tenelle, Shawn Stockman from Boyz ll Men, and studio time with Jdoe Smith, KP, Scott Welch, and Busta Rhymes’ right-hand man, Dub Shakes, already under her belt, her future collaborations will be undeniably legendary.

With a West Coast tour next on her bucket list and performances at Hotel Cafe, the House of Blues, and Coachella in her sights, we couldn’t be more excited for her trajectory.

Listen to Kirrah’s latest single below: