Kirrah Amosa: an unstoppable pop pioneer on the rise to superstardom

Kirrah Amosa: an unstoppable pop pioneer on the rise to superstardom

Kirrah Amosa is a force to be reckoned with. From countless collaborations to international tours, there isn’t anything that can halt her success, not even a pandemic.

Glossy pop wrapped in earth-shattering beats: this is the simplest way that I can describe the utterly irresistible music of Kirrah Amosa. From her 2018 debut until now, the Australian/Samoan artist has been releasing songs that burn with honesty, spinning infinite and fleeting moments into sheets of pop gold.

There are only a few times in our lives when we encounter music that we feel an immediate connection to. With lyrics that speak to our most precious memories, an authenticity that speaks volumes, and a sonic that can ignite any venue, Amosa certainly fits this echelon. It comes as no surprise that the songstress is already making waves towards greatness.

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We’ve been fans of Kirrah for quite a while now, so you can imagine our excitement when her 2020 releases came flowing in. Hit incredibly hard by the pandemic, these tracks are a testament to the artist’s perseverance and passion for her art. “Honestly I’ve spent the last 4 months reminding myself why I love music, why I once backed myself, and why I deserve the support of the hugely successful, prestigious names, and now I’m finding my feet again,” the singer explains. “A slingshot is pulled back before it can propel forward, so I’m getting ready to reenter the music scene at full capacity.”

This year was set to be an incredibly exciting one for Kirrah, snatched from her hands at the very moment her dreams were forming into reality. With tours of North America and East Africa booked, a collaboration album with some incredible East African artists lined up, and a second EP on the horizon, she would be pushed out of momentum the very minute that her new life had started to take roots.

“I believed these goals were so far out of reach, then they were suddenly right at my fingertips and were just as quickly taken away,” she recalls. “I had finally decided to commit everything I had to uprooting my life in Australia and taking my music overseas, so I went through quite a dark couple of months coming to terms with the loss of these huge projects and sense of purpose in my life.” 

Although stuck in a dark place in her life, Amossa was able to achieve incredible things during this time. Not to mention reaching 955K views on Youtube, stacks of international collaborations, and her own merchandise line, she wrote some breathtaking songs.

Her first release of the year, Island Way, is a sparkling ode to her heritage, blending Samoan and contemporary stylings to perfection. To cap this all off, the singer burst through with Children of a Dream and Waiting For Us, two festival-ready collaborations with Brazilian DJ PYNNO. Both tracks manage to perfectly capture each artist’s defining sonic and melodic stylings, bursting in rich, pop textures.

Where Children Of A Dream burns in technicolour chords, Waiting For Us holds a deeper message that speaks to the agony both have experienced throughout their lives. Released through industry heavyweights Universal, Amosa is ready and waiting to perform these tracks for fans around the world. With Waiting For Us gaining global recognition and Children Of A Dream sitting pretty on Spotify’s heavyweight playlist Heart Beats, it looks like her wishes will come true before long.

“Being able to create incredible music with singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Jdoe Smith, being mentored by the infamous Dave Stroud and having direct exposure to the acclaimed VocaliseU empire, and joining the Island City, former Island Block Radio, family and performing beside/connecting with some of the greatest Polynesian artists known, were all goals I had set to achieve further along the five-year plan that I was able to achieve in my first three-month visit to Los Angeles,”

“I was given the chance to come before so many artists I had grown up listening to in such a short period of time thanks to the unwavering support of the above and so many more, so I’m doing everything I can to be back in this city with these people. Australia will always be my home but L.A. has my heart,” Kirrah recalls about her music.

With her official move to Los Angeles slated for September next year, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what’s next from the songstress. It’s not every day that you see an artist continue to dominate in a time as uncertain as our current climate, a testament to her devoted fans and supporters. Receiving the offer of a lifetime to work as a DS Vocology artist and a VocaliseU ambassador, her upcoming move will be accompanied by a musical partnership with the talented Dave Stroud.

This will include a number of fantastic opportunities for Amosa, including regular gigs at key Hollywood venues and a role as “the face” of Stroud’s latest project, allowing her to network and perform with industry heavyweights. In addition, the singer has been welcomed back to the Island City team to host and work with fellow Polynesian artists.

Kirrah Amosa is a star on the rise, there’s no denying it. From the countless opportunities being thrown her way, to her community of devoted fans, it will only be a matter of time before her name in lights.

Check out Children Of A Dream below: