Donald Trump has tested positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump has tested positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump, a.k.a. the President who admitted to downplaying the pandemic, has just announced that he has tested positive for coronavirus.

Holy f*ck! President of the United States himself, Donald Trump, has just tweeted that both himself and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted coronavirus.

Announcing that the pair are currently in quarantine via Twitter, the news comes just a day after his close aide Hope Hicks also tested positive for the virus.

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What a chaotic few weeks, hey? The world surpassed over one million deaths from COVID-19 and Trump even admitted, on record, that he had deliberately downplayed the pandemic. Well, look who’s laughing now. The news comes just two days after the first debate for November’s upcoming election, a moment in time that has been dubbed a complete catastrophe.

This is the same President who argued that the way to get rid of coronavirus is to simply stop testing for it. In a roundtable, the President of the United States asserted that: “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few [coronavirus] cases, if any.”

A friendly reminder that the United States are currently leading the global death rate from COVID-19. Details about Trump’s diagnosis are still yet to come.

Stay tuned folks.