BOSS has launched the GT-1000CORE multi-effects pedal

BOSS has unveiled their latest multi-effects unit: the GT-1000CORE, containing a plethora of sounds that belie its compact dimensions.

BOSS has announced the GT-1000CORE, a compact multi-effects pedal. It retains all the processing power of BOSS’ flagship GT-1000 multi-effects pedal but will take up less real estate on your pedalboard.

The GT-1000CORE has the same three foot-switch layout and parameters as other pedals in BOSS’ 500 series. GT-1000CORE has a slightly larger screen than other pedals in the 500 series, however, making it easier to navigate its multitude of functions. 

BOSS GT-1000CORE audio interface

The GT-1000CORE can accommodate 24 simultaneous effect blocks. You can choose from over 140 unique effect and amp types, including many classic BOSS sounds. There’s also a three-channel looper for creating evolving, multi-layered soundscapes. There’s USB audio and MIDI connectivity for external control, plus, there’s a mode for bass players, featuring its own library of unique sound processors. 

The GT-1000CORE boasts an “unmatched” sound quality, which is provided by the pedal’s 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate. It also functions as a guitar-centric audio-interface, plus, it ships with AIRD, a technology which allows it to slot into several different signal chains with minimal adjustments required. 

To find out more head over to the BOSS website.