Country-pop darlings The Buckleys run us through their ultimate playlist

The Buckleys debut album Daydream is a brilliant blend of genre: steeped in the nostalgia of country-twang and dripping with pop sensibilities.

The music of Byron Bay sibling trio The Buckleys has been inspired by a wealth of different styles. Their simmering debut album Daydream has born straight from these eclectic interests, combining the supergroups of the last century with some incredible modern muses.

Lucky for us, we were able to catch up with the trio to discuss some of their absolute favourite tunes, just in time for your long weekend listening.

The Buckleys

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

Fleetwood Mac have always been such an inspiration to us, not only as a band, but as performers, songwriters, and individuals. Their sound is, and was, so groundbreaking. No walls or boundaries, just kickass, real music. For us, at the heart of Fleetwood Mac is truth.

Hall And Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True

The day we discovered Hall and Oates was a game changer! Their spunk, hooks, melodies, and harmonies are so inspiring to us. You know when a Hall and Oates song comes on because you can’t help but move and groove!

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi

Joni Mitchell’s beautiful, poetic, folky style is the best. The way she can so beautifully write a song that feels so personal, like she’s just talking to you about peace and conservation, is just masterful.

Harry Styles – Canyon Moon

We are loving Harry Styles’ new album, Fine Line, so much! The production is so cutting edge and fresh, and the songwriting is fantastic. This song, especially, we love because it has this country feel but the production takes it to a whole new place. If you can imagine it stripped back to when they wrote this song or played it just on an acoustic guitar, it would be simply a great country song! But then, they’ve done all these awesome, new things with the groove and with the production that give it this fresh twist we’ve not heard before. And the lyrics, we feel like we’re right there with him telling the story!

Sheryl Crow – All I Wanna Do

Sheryl Crow is a big inspiration. The “talking”, conversational kind of vocal style in this is something we love. A bit similar to Ricky Lee Jones, who we also love. These ladies have spunk when they talk/sing! They own it and it’s not “put on” or feels like they’re trying too hard at all. They’re just being so themselves and we’re here for it!

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Don’t Do Me Like That

This is the very first song we discovered Tom Petty through, which led us to love his music, the groove, and energy. It drew us into the musical kingdom that is the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers catalogue. In this song, even the lyrics have groove!

Keith Urban – Somebody Like You

Somebody Like You just has an epic country/rock’n’roll feel to it. Keith’s great storytelling and feel-good songwriting, mixed with the energy of the band who are just pumping through the recording, is so awesome. A perfect example of what we love about country-pop/country-rock. 

HAIM – The Steps

This song totally caught us off guard when we first heard it. The retro sound/vibe with a modern twist, that HAIM have created with this song, is totally off the hook! It feels so familiar but, at the same time, like nothing we’ve heard before or can pinpoint this familiarity to. Their vocal arrangements and melodies also just made us fall in love with it!

Eagles – Take It Easy

Take it easy is an absolute classic that we had to add and definitely is one of our favourite songs ever. This is a masterpiece of beautiful harmonies, melodies, and guitar work, with the easy rock/country feeling.

Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

The positivity and optimism is something we try to channel into our music and Walking on Sunshine carries that feeling through the whole song. When you put it on it, makes you smile, dance, and feel good instantly.

Jimi Hendrix – 1983 A Merman I Should Turn to Be

Jimi Hendrix’s “out of this world” creativity with his psychedelic songwriting, freaky guitar work, and ahead of its time production is so incredible. The journey this song takes you on is one you must experience. 

Joan Jett & The Black Hearts – Crimson and Clover

Crimson and Clover… where to start with this one? Joan Jett = absolute legend. The simplicity is so powerful and moving, the emotion and softness in Joan Jett’s voice just makes you give yourself over to this song!

Little Big Town – Pontoon

When it comes to a summer party, Pontoon has to be on the list! A country party on the lake: we want to be there! This song is just an “all-round groove”.

Stevie Wonder – Sign, Sealed, Delivered

Stevie Wonder’s funky soul and personality is captured so vividly in this song. It’s an all-time classic and a song that puts you in a good mood as soon as it comes on. The songwriting is energetic and absolutely timeless.

You can listen to The Buckleys’ Daydream below: