Deers – Castigas En El Granero

The delightfully indie rocksters Deers, are everything that is good about lo-fi pop rock – raw, unkempt, delightfully charming, and droll (but in a good way). In fact, their tracks are so entirely rough around the edges that you kind of can’t believe something so indie is entering your eardrums like that.

Deers are a Spanish four piece but they’ve done some of their recording in Norway, so they have a bit of a European melting pot of influences infused throughout. The young ladies have the rock sensibility of the Velvet Underground combined with the pop sensibility of Haim.


Spain’s Deers’ latest hit which means “Punish In The Barn” has a beachy, swinging 60’s vibe – a slight move away from their punk lo-fi pop rock but equally good.

Deers have released a bunch of singles now and probably have enough now for a whole EP. Their  most recent release is Castigas En El Granero and it’s a beachy, swinging 60’s type of track with so much bite to it. Every part of you just wants to grab your board and bust some sweet moves on it.

Of course, a Deers track wouldn’t be a Deers track without those quintessential almost yelling droll vocals echoing one another. In fact, their technique of overpowering and unique vocals almost is what helps to set the band as a standout from other stuff out there.

Others might be more familiar with the track Bamboo which is another really sold yet unique tracks. Bamboo has a slightly more The Strokesish vibe to it as it’s a slightly more pure rock. They sing “I want you to feel like a man when I give you all I am” once again in a fashion of vocally overlapping one another.

There’s so many reasons to get on board with this band: they simply ooze that coolness that comes with never really seeming like you’re trying that hard, but they also seem to have maturity of a much more established band. They’ve got it all and simply rock the fuck out.