Felicity Groom – Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller

Imagine that you’re climbing a staircase that blurs into the sky. You possess an overwhelming sense of ambition to reach what lies in front of you as an infinite goal, extending into the heavens*. Shadows draw a mask of patterns upon your face as you narrow your gaze on the limitless expanse above. Minute by minute the clouds change, hypnotising you with their sublime and ethereal quality. A dynamic voice fills the landscape beckoning you to rise into the misty atmosphere and greet the unknown.

Felicity Groom spins a similar narrative of adventure in their most recent single, Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller as she sings, “In the beginning there was a man. I held the weapon and he held the plan”. Groom’s storytelling has a transient appeal leaving the track open and exposed. The tinny drum in the introduction builds its confidence, throbbing like a wild heart. The synth creeps in the background and begins to shift its focus on the ascension of Groom’s vocals, lifting her to new heights.

felicity groom

Felicity Groom’s move to experiment with expansive psychedelia, sees them creating an other-worldly soundscape- primeval drumming meets futuristic electronica.

This Perth-based band have dappled into the psychedelic genre, experimenting with cutting synth, while maintaining their lyrical integrity, with poetic rhymes laying at the centre of their sound. You can’t help but respect them for rejecting the tempting decision to treat their lyrics as nothing but a melody line.

If their soon to be released, Hungry Sky is anything like Move Your Muscles and Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller, I anticipate nothing but vibrant success for Felicity Groom, who have proved that they aren’t afraid to abandon their acoustic roots and drink in new musical surrounds. Their music is an evolving process and honestly, I am excited to see what emerges from their humble beginnings.

The multi-talented Felicity Groom jams out on guitar, auto-harp and piano and is constantly expanding her musical prowess. Watch this space! You can’t have so much talent without getting some stadium-sounding applause. A bright future awaits the dazzling Felicity Groom who has charmed her way into our hearts.

*Sounds exactly like the Deepak Chopra meditation I’m doing this week.



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